A wanderlust’s guide to Britain: Pathlands


‘The river does not think his way to the sea. Our feelings are the wellspring of our being. Whilst we might say we are looking at the view, what we are really doing is feeling it, taking part in it; the truth is, we are at that moment in a relationship with it.’ – Peter Owen Jones

So I have always been a wanderlust at heart…a series of events that have happened in my life so far have led to me this realisation and today I present you with a book that I stumbled across.

Yesterday was a Saturday afternoon and I was bored at home surrounded by chaos, paint is everywhere…the house is reeking of it’s toxic scent and pieces of furniture are scattered in places they don’t usually sit. I am clearly not needed at that current moment so I retreat into my own world searching for some inspiration to write. I felt triggered recently into more intellectual endeavours after watching a particularly interesting documentary on the greatest thinkers of the ancient world. As such my craving to go back into an old passion of mine returned and that is reading. It felt like ages since I had last read something really compelling from my own accord, so I spontaneously popped out to town and headed to Waterstones. There I wandered searching for something intellectually stimulating…it wasn’t an easy task as I had no particular purpose or book I was after, so I randomly scoured the tables and with so many books laid out infront of me I somehow managed to pick up a little gem that made me feel like I was in love.

The book is ‘Pathlands’ by Peter Owen Jones and I have come to realise that it is the perfect guide to Britain for a wanderlust like me who dreams of crossing boundaries and going on new adventures into unknown territories. Now judging from the front cover the book appears so bland and uninteresting but as the saying so rightly goes…never judge a book by it’s cover.

As I sat down to read the preface I realised that I was absolutely sold, the style of writing is phenomenal and envokes such a deep emotion by encapsulating the whole experience of adventuring so well in words. I felt instantly as if I could relate to the author and the passion behind the writing is so intense. One of my favourite quotations that stood out to me the most was:

‘We can go online and look at endless pictures of a thousand places we have never been to, but we can have no memories of a place until we have walked within it.’

So whilst I am busy planning to cross the borders of this small island I am missing the fact that before I leave there is so much left to see here, so many unexplored and intriguing landscapes. I am definitely looking forward to delve right into this book and will you keep you posted on how I feel about it…whether it inspires me to travel to any new places, which to be honest it already has, places not too far away…practically on my doorstep.

Thanks for reading,

Love from Faatima

x x x


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