Punishment- What is it really about?


The unexamined life is not worth living- Socrates

So I was recently watching a program on the BBC that got my mind racing with all sorts of thoughts and inspiration. This famous quote by Socrates really stood out to me because it applies to my life so much and what I have been finding myself doing more and more in recent times. Infact I feel as if anyone that has found themselves on a journey where they are getting more in touch with their spirit can most likely also relate.

Someone once said to me that what they do not know cannot harm them and therefore ignorance is bliss. That statement irked me then and it still does today, there is little else that irritates me more than when people live in a state of self denial and are utterly terrified of the truth because eventually they are faced with it. Whatever you resist persists because you give it energy and thought which means you eventually attract it into your life. In truth it will show up as an unresolved issue but many will not see it that way in their so called ‘blissful’ ignorance and so they fall flat on their face. I was like this too and still sometimes trip up…don’t get me wrong I am human but the difference is now I am aware of it. With time I gained clarity…all through examining myself.

Knowledge of self is true empowerment, allow me to explain why.

We examine our thought patterns, habits and choices. This can often be confused with being critical of ourselves but I am here to tell you…NO NO NO!!!!! Examining your mind and life from a place of understanding is when you connect the dots for why you do certain things and keep asking why till you get to the very core. Suddenly the pieces all fall together and you realise it is a human condition, we are all one and the same when it comes down to it so there really is no need to self-punish…that is counteractive as guilt is crippling, it weighs you down and keeps you stuck in the past so it does no good. When you do something wrong and feel guilt, initially it is a relevant emotion and has it’s place for you to recognise that what you did doesn’t feel good and thus is not in alignment with your highest good. After that it is just self abuse.

We definitely live in a punishment and reward based society so it is understandable why we adopt this attitude with ourselves through guilt-tripping and beating ourselves up…therefore essentially punishing ourselves. It is in our parenting techniques, schools, court-rooms and of course the religions of the world.

So what is punishment about? Redemption. The answer is to make a person change for the better because they either fear the consequences or to redeem a person who we presume is ‘bad’ and only in suffering can they become good. So in a sick twisted way we glorify suffering and associate it with goodness.

Everything we do has a hidden positive intention even if in reality the action is far from positive. Problem is punishment never works. Just look at the world. People everywhere living in fear and acting out from a space of defensiveness, powerlessness or anger. The lower vibrations.

This is so, so destructive beyond measure, we cannot associate ourselves with our actions…hate the action but not the person. We are just energy at the end of the day and no one is wholly good or bad, we have the potential for both.

Once we have made peace with ourselves we can make decisions from a place of self love. How do we know it is a place of self love? Because it feels emotionally good..and that my friends is when true change begins…just imagine this on a mass scale.

If as a collective we gained more insight and recognised that this is not being selfish…no guilt needed here…

By helping yourself you are helping the world because YOU are a part of this world therefore you are this world.

No more self-punishment. Enough.

I’ll end with one final quote I heard somewhere once-

To end war in the world we must first end the war within ourselves.



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3 thoughts on “Punishment- What is it really about?”

    1. Hiya,
      Im glad you liked it, welcome to the blogging world. In response to your comment on my ‘about’ page, my advice is to just write what inspires you and follow the tags/categories you are interested in and suddenely you will connect with a world of awesome bloggers…it’s great.
      I look forward to reading your posts.

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