Words Change The World: Three little diaries


So recently I found myself buying this set of three little diaries. One of them is dotted and intended for math I’m assuming, but I don’t care for breaking rules…i’ll use it how I like thank you. In one I literally vent and write out anything that’s on my mind, like an outlet to put things to rest, the other is meant for any creative writing shorts or quotes or anything artsy and the final one is a bit more practical and definitely something to carry for life as a reminder.

All too often we fumble through life busying ourselves with this and that…it’s all fine and lovely but soon at some point shit hits the fan right? Most of us react angrily and really cannot handle the inevitabilities of life as our lack of self awareness has us chasing the illusion of constant happiness.

Whilst it is okay to feel upset or angry at times when we are royally screwed over…infact it is not only okay it’s understandable and our right, but when we react it never ends well because it’s from a place of fear and defensiveness. To be in that state requires a victim mentality. That is why I have purposefully wrote down techniques to help me centre and ground myself. This way I won’t react and make bad decisions. When you change your perception and become self aware you change the world because YOU make up the collective. Remember that.

The content of this diary gives me my power back when blinded by the irrationality and illusions that come along with fearfulness.

Word really are powerful, words are a catalyst, they can be shaped and used by us to convey any message and evoke any emotion which is the very element needed to make change in the world.

Remember who you are.

Words change the world.

Love, Faatima



3 thoughts on “Words Change The World: Three little diaries”

  1. Loved your last paragraph!
    Also all your journals look great but I especially like the rose one. I’m so jealous. I keep my thoughts in 20 cent 70 page notebook πŸ˜… well, it does the job.


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