Run, jump, move.

I don’t exercise if I’m honest…well not in the conventional sense like I don’t have a gym membership. I do however walk a lot and one other activity I have consistently done for years without really considering it exercising

I find that I am naturally a very energetic person and although I can’t say I am particularly sporty or following any athletic endeavours, the one thing I love to do on a daily is run. Even if it is rainy (or I’m too lazy to leave the house) I’ll just run around the hallway…yes I probably look crazy but oh well it’s fun!

I just have sudden spurts of energy and can’t stay still for long in that state. Now i’ll be honest I never wear myself out and don’t tend to run till I’m breathless but I just do it as a leisurely hobby…purely for fun.

…and that is the best and only type of exercise I do.

I used to ride a bike sometimes which was very fun…I’d love to get back to doing that.

It’s all about the fun.




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