A rainy day


I love the rain so, so much…there is something so peaceful and cleansing about a rainy day, how the world seems to go quiet and a thick, white cloud covers the atmosphere around us.

There is a soothing essence felt in the presence of this shroud of slight darkness.

It’s not quite night time but instead there is a dull white light in the air…that familiar feel of a rainy day.

Today is one of those days and according to the weather forecast we have a few more to come.

Everything has a shadow side, the side that we don’t particularly like.

When it comes to actually trooping through the rain in order to get somewhere and in the process coming through with damp clothes and frizzy hair…ok let’s be honest it isn’t the most fun.

The last time I was in this situation I finally learnt to let go, let the rain on my glasses smudge my vision and my hair develop into a frenzy.

People should understand it’s raining…and frankly if you’re outside in this weather to see me in that state you should be more empathetic because we’re all in the same struggle!

To all of you people out there that complain about the rain…learn to make peace with it, trust me I was once this way but now I see the beauty in it so much so that dare I say it…I actually look forward to days like today.

*oh the shock and the horror*

Since most of us don’t want to actually get soaked it can be taken as an opportunity to relax and reflect. Whether it be reading a book, drinking tea (or whatever beverage for that matter), watching tv and making yourself a cosy little space at home or even daring to just simply sitting still and watching the rain drops drizzle down.

I like the serenity and peacefulness of today.

It feels like the rain has a calming effect, hushing the chatter of my mind.

Just my kind of bliss.





2 thoughts on “A rainy day”

  1. Hey 🙂

    I love when I’m inside and it’s raining. As soon as I buy a car, I’ll probably like sitting in my car and just thinking, hearing the rain on the windows. Maybe even go for a little drive….
    Ahhh, rain..
    I hate when it’s also very windy, so the rain falls directly at your face.
    Yeah, just going anywhere when it’s raining, the frizzy hair you get, completely soaked… sucks… :/

    Lovely post!

    Have a nice day. 🙂


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