Own it


We try to run away from our demons, suppress it and stuff it down. ‘No! No!’ we tell it, ‘bad’, ‘go away’…the things we did that we regret, that we judge as negative. The side of ourselves we don’t particularly like or even want but have a tendency towards anyway.

…but it never does go away because oh guess what? You can’t undo something that is done and no matter how much you try to resist it you still feel the same.

The great irony is in order to change how you feel and let go you must embrace it fully.

This may look something like, yes I did that, from my perspective at the time it was the best decision or yeah I went against my own values…and it didn’t feel good but now that I have acknowledged it and taken the light of my current consciousness, my expanded and introspective new eyes…I can trust myself never to abandon myself again…be with myself by respecting my values.

They say the best wisdom comes from experience.

Mistakes are not mistakes…they are merely experiences that didn’t feel good.

Pain is inevitable but it’s your choice to turn it into suffering or see it in it’s most exalted state and delve deeper into your psyche to discover more truths through the experience. To discover your real potential…

If you’ve felt the pain of making a bad decision and come through here to this point in your life with the conscious ability to read this blog post then you my friend have been through some of the most valuable life experiences and I can tell you now, that makes you a wise person.

Own it and embrace it.

A life without ‘errors’ is a life not lived.

You are more powerful than you could EVER imagine.

I cherish the light of your consciousness…it is SO valuable in this world.

All the love,




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