Be honest with yourself


Many of us say that we value honesty so much, we call ourselves straightforward and don’t so much as think twice about speaking our minds. The irony is that the honesty, truth-talking policy only applies when judgement is being passed on to anything external to us, be it a person or situation.

What does this mean?

It means that we’re not really valuing true honesty and true integrity.

This straight-forward persona becomes a mask, we never question where our quick judgements and thoughts are coming from so they become our prison. This thinking style is the very substance close-mindedness is made up of.

The world is made up of too many people that react and too few that act.

Acting from a place of honesty with yourself means to ask yourself

Is it right?

Is it self loving?

How will you know the answer to these questions? By following your emotional guidance system, knowing where you are on the scale and taking action from there.

Save yourself from the vicious cycle that will inevitably ensue from a lack of self awareness.

There are many things that I did not want to admit to myself but once I acknowledged them they stopped having as much of an effect on me and furthermore I took action to turn them around:

I feel scared of certain people when they approach me I get a rush of fear…I now see them from a different standpoint simply from this recognition, the entire context of their presence alters in my mind.

Sometimes listening to music can be destructive to the manifestation of my desires…when I use it as a tool of escapism.

Certain types of music evoke negative emotions and can be harmful to me so I don’t listen to them if I feel vulnerable on a particular day.

Many of the thoughts I have are not my own, they are either from social conditioning or someone else’s influence…they draw me away from my truth.

A lot of the anxiety I have can be reduced from coming into awareness about whether a thought is conducive to my life or not.

Bottom line is that when you are honest with yourself that is the pre-cursor to making any change.

The truth is when someone tells you something about you, it feels like a cold, harsh judgement and no real change is made, but when you admit it to yourself and love yourself regardless because you know you are a whole being…like everyone else, then slowly your life starts to shift in a better-feeling direction.

For any real and lasting change to occur, you have to want it so badly and it has to come from within.

Honesty with yourself is the key to self-respect and ultimately self-trust.





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