Let your heart burst open


Hi all,

It’s almost midnight but something is keeping me up…a very familiar sensation, one that I’ve been feeling a lot of lately…it’s that passionate, yearning sensation to go and fully live.

This to me is a very good sign, it is what gives me life-force energy.

I remember the period in time where I lost this and let me tell you now, the world became a very bleak place to me.

Now that the fire has been ignited again and is well and truly burning within me I feel so euphoric…as if I’m on clouds or something…it’s the best.

I feel like everything I want is tangible.

I feel like walls have fallen down and I will continue to break more that appear in front of me.

This forward moving energy has me living life slightly on edge.

I must keep up with myself…this is crazy.

Going with every new experience that pops up in my reality.

It’s exciting.

…and I’m creating it.

The more I move to new heights the more I crave.

It’s never-ending and I don’t even mind.

The impossible is now possible.

The past is nice but the future will far outshine it..

I can tell.

The now is precious, the now is the catalyst in this chemical reaction we call life.

So if this is how I feel…so be it.

I will let my heart burst open.

I trust my eternal guide…





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