Putting it into practice


Hi all,

I had some thoughts today about how much information there is out there…how much advice, reminders and messages we take in through reading books and watching documentaries, through blog posts and articles.

At what point does all of this information become knowledge?

In theory everything clicks but I really believe we can know a lot in our minds yet it is futile to have collected all this information when we still are not quite living it out and applying it to our life on a daily basis.

True understanding only comes from experience…specifically experiences we find unpleasant as it is our opportunity to become alchemists, embrace the bad and transform it into gold.

So next time in the face of adversity…in the face of your worst fear, take it as an opportunity to put principle into practice..something exciting rather than threatening.

It is a challenge to embrace rather than overcome.

You feel amazing for it…not despite it like any teachings of subjective happiness might suggest, that mindset is impractical and will leave you at a loss because life will always try to trigger you into action. Life will throw you into the scariest circumstances till you realise this is the stuff life is made of…this is the stuff expansion is made of…these experiences are essential for you to become great.

Something really ground breaking only can occur from a really strong emotion as that is authenticity…and it is only an authentic burning passion that can make miracles happen.

It is when we hit a place of absolute despair that one day something kicks off in us and we find ourselves here…we find ourselves changed.

It is always darkest right before the dawn, they say.

This kind of lifestyle of total awareness is not an exclusive one…it is inclusive of everything…every experience and every emotion.

So how do I put all of this into practice?

By taking the next difficult situation that comes your way as an opportunity.





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