A deafening silence


A deafening silence consumes me.

Theme of my life.

These resounding moments serve a purpose.

Yin and yang.

Life always has a habit of coming full circle.

A fully fledged catastrophy set in stone.

From the outset we are aware of this.

Beyond ashes to ashes or bone to bone.

A reminder from the art we perceive.

Poems we read.

Songs we sing.

A deep inner knowing.

Drowned out by the loud chaos surrounding us.

The hectic state of escapism.

More deafening to me than silence can ever be.

Silence is everything and nothing.

Where we start and where we end.

Silence is golden.

Torture or bliss.

Make of it what you will.

It is where we are catapulted into action.

Things start to happen.

Our intense, itching energy to move, jump, create sparks and make waves.


Motion comes from silence.

Everything comes from silence.

So why do we call it a deafening silence?





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