Something scary


Something scary

Something to shake you up

Life becomes a haze

Leaving you in a perpetual faze

A never-ending waning and receding mist

Clouds surround me

A bleary, blurry, grey, swirling mass of confusion

What’s going on?

Did I do something wrong?

That day something went missing

A lost longing and a sinking

My hands feel tingly

What is this?

I’m stable in myself and life continues

Luckily for me I can still feel bliss

Clouded by a fog

A perpetual mist

One that I no longer resist

Not my highlight reel…not exactly bliss

So I let myself feel

I let myself miss

I let myself be hollow

Fall into the abyss

It’s dark inside

Where the beast resides

I take in my light

to the dead of night

and slowly realise

there is nothing to hide

Something scary?

Nothing scary

No need to be wary

Let the beast roar

and it won’t any more





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