The hardest thing


The hardest thing you will ever do is to let go..

Of the stories they told you, the stories you tell yourself…

The stories that you’re convinced are true

The ones that shape your decisions…even the smallest decision such as what to eat for dinner.

All the stories, the prisons we create.

If it doesn’t feel good it’s not meant to be

…but sometimes we develop a tolerance for routine disguised as comfort

We think it feels good

…the truth is it’s fear based.

Something we’re avoiding

So we live an unfulfilled life

Constantly searching for the missing pieces.

It’s a grieving process

Somewhere down the road we lost a part of ourselves

…it’s when we abandoned ourselves

Just like everyone else did.

We abandoned our own internal guidance system

Our intuition

Our feelings

The feelings behind the thoughts, the actions…the world at large…

The lack of feelings eventually led to a shallow, hollow, empty existence

So I am here to tell you, if you feel anything at all right now..

Even the lower vibrations

Go with it.

Go into it.

It’s better than nothing…

It’s the night before the day.





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