I let out a sigh

…turn around and walk away without a single regret

..when the answer you give me is always not yet

..oh yeah do you want to bet?

The choices I make may be strange

…indifferent, bored, unchanged…

No more ruminating

Snap back, focus sharp, these thoughts are grating

I dress my best

when I put the final fragments to rest.

Giving purpose to the meaningless black, white and grey,

I did not want to waste the day

Precious time…spent this way

I’m so sorry

That I am always in a hurry.

That you always have to worry.

That my mind is foggy, unclear…blurry.

I promise there is a reason

…infact more than one…

..but this time I am not going to run.

In any way, down any path or in any direction.

In stillness I find inspiration.




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