Strange happenings…


Did that really just happen?

Did I really just lose a brand new pair of shoes and other ‘things’ I had just purchased?

Through all my frustration, guilt and feelings of being completely erratic, I embraced this total lack of control…

I experienced a strange lightness.

…I was meant to lose those, ‘things’…there was a very good reason and it hit me like a lightening bolt.

It’s not the end of the world, things really do come and go.

It’s best not to get attached.

I am following a lifestyle that feels better by consciously practising pulling myself into present moment awareness…but that doesn’t mean life is always going to be a smooth sailing ship.

Life is uncertain, that is the only security we have so we may as well release the need to control every aspect, and embrace it.

No more perfection.

I am more aware than ever before of when I feel tense, anxious or over-thinking with 60,000 thoughts racing in my mind all at once…

…today I’ve really learnt to release resistance, not to try so much to maintain one single state of mind or lifestyle and definitely not to try and preserve the past…

Just drop it.

Let go.

A message to the ego.




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