Shapes who we are…


A simple event to one person…

…is the making or breaking of another one…

…influencing your very next action.

When something is experienced as so very profound,

…there are reminders all around.

We practice our awareness…

Exaltation, becoming conscious…

The ancient art of alchemy…

Creating everything that we see…

There is power in our thoughts…

Perception of past events, a burden no more…

Using it as a tool is how I got this far…

It is these very stories that shape who we are…




14 thoughts on “Shapes who we are…”

  1. Your depth of thought and wisdom is always an insightful read!

    “What shapes feelings?” Our responses to sensory input as sentient beings, shapes our feelings. We are wired mentally and physiologically to respond to our environments, experiences, and sensory input. There’s some good information to be found by googling…. what creates our feelings (or emotions).

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 and wow that is absolutely true, we are very much wired for survival and the spectrum of feelings is associated with that. I also believe that it is a grief process and fear is the exact opposite vibration to love and not hate, contrary to what a lot of people are led to believe. Our thoughts and beliefs further perpetuate any pre-existing feeling states or if we step into observer self we can accept the thoughts with compassion but also gently challenge them. Xx

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      1. We are plugged in and wired to manifest emotions (feelings), whether we like it or not. 🙂 Our brains and bodies release a surge of hormones and neurochemicals in direct response to environments that are fearful and threatening, caring and nurturing, hostile or friendly.

        Very true about accepting our emotional reactions with honor and compassion, and also gently unpacking and challenging thoughts and ingrained beliefs that are ghosts from the past, which no longer serve us well.

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    1. Hey,
      That’s alright 🙂 I’m so glad it resonated with you. Honestly there is always a reason for negative thoughts we have, they serve a purpose…to act almost as a signpost that something needs our attention. Sit with the thoughts, accept with love and compassion but then challenge them and find reasons for the new thoughts. This is probably the most difficult thing you’ll ever do…but the most life-changing. Trust me when you embark on this journey, life throws you in the most triggering situations, but I truly believe the only certainty in life is uncertainty…and that applies to everyone, it’s our choice to either embrace it and thrive or not. Like one major example is other people’s behaviour, it’s out of control but we are all responsible for our internal state. Nothing matters more than how you feel. Feelings are life.

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      1. I love and thank you for this response! My son’s wedding coming up is my last wall, my last hurdle to climb over. After that, I think I will be in a space to start changing the bad and negative things about me. Oh how I hope!

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