We do it in order to cast shame..

…but the truth is there is not one single person to blame…

…when it comes to the entirety of a person or situation,

rather we must take responsibility for the effect we have on them…

…in other words our internal condition..

…and from there our reaction.

Truth is there is always a reason,

Be with your emotions,

Misunderstood, itย was never meant to come from a bad place…

…along the road we just lost our way..

..ended up playing these games

our claim to fame?

..trying so hard to preserve a name?

I woud be lying if I said I didn’t want to react…

…but everyone has their root traumas, that is a fact…

…though it’s not an excuse, just a sign that we’re lost…

Understand that blame will only perpetuate the issue and at the end of the day we’ll all have to pay a much higher cost…

We’re all the same consciousness, breathing…right to our core…

…fighting this internal war but may I ask what for?

I just want to let go…

and be with the flow…

..allow yourself this time, for it will only help you grow.





11 thoughts on “Blame…”

  1. Ah I understand this feeling all too well, wrote about it a week ago. You know what, it’s a really weird balance, Eventually with time you do let go, you do seem to move on. But deep down there always is something clinging on to your soul that you can’t shake. You just learn to live with it and perhaps that’s what we call “Letting go and moving on” “_

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    1. Wow I totally agree but to that would add..we develop an acceptance, we become at peace with our past…our experiences, the things we learnt, the role everyone and every circumstance played in our expansion. Then switch perspectives and become a part of the whole…how many others have experienced the same emotions and been on these enlightening journeys? It’s mind blowing and you really develop a new level of self respect through acceptance and self love.
      Really no other way.
      Thank you for your insight, really h appreciate all your feedback.


      1. I couldn’t agree more. Through every hardship, every worse situation you emerge and evolve into a person you are suppose to be. I believe that every tough thing we go through shapes us into a person we are suppose to be. For me it made me much more understanding and compassionate and so much more. And I’m still in the process but I guess that’s what life is. It throws curve balls at you and expects you to make master pieces out of the snowball as it cashes into you ๐Ÿ˜‰

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