Every where I look…


Round every corner, no matter where I turn, I see them heading in every direction..

Every where I look at least one

…and that is just the bare minimum…

No more co-operation,

There is no excuse…

…this was never my game to lose.

Hungry for power, desperate urge to manipulate..

Hey it’s the world at large, a product it did create…

…only to compensate for a void, a lack..so lead a life of shadows…fueled only by pain and hate…till eventually we dissipate…

…it is ultimately our choice and not simply up to fate..

Into the soil..

…we recoil.

A mask to cover their fear…never no never will I hand over my power…

I see right through this time, a roundabout way of adding sweetness to the otherwise bitter..

Over and over the same person appears, different body..

While once intimidated I now feel pity…

…I finally understand, through committing to this honesty…

…even if I lose people, risk causing hurt…

….hiding never really did work, truth always has a funny way of making itself heard…

Love and light,




7 thoughts on “Every where I look…”

  1. This is your lightest, most enlightened side 🙂

    Nobody else can manage so many 🙂

    I love all your poems.

    Why do you feel people become power hungry and manipulative?

    It’s a dysfunction.

    Truth is simple like our existence. We all need love because that’s our nature. core of our reality

    When love is denied we start seeking power. That’s how it works. Power eventually crashes the system and leaves you deranged, while a tiny bit of love can sooth, heal, transform and liberate forever 🙂

    More love and light ❤


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    1. Wow, thank you! I’m honoured you feel this way 🙂 I just love writing and feel inspired a lot to do it.
      Yes, this is totally what I want to convey, more often than not these people have been hurt badly and are so lost in the wrong direction…easy…all too easy to take things personally but when you understand how an individual is so fuelled by shadow aspects it definitely stops you from feeling inferior to or intimidated by their harsh judgement, opinions words or actions.
      🙂 Faatima

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      1. Indeed, when you see people sleepwalking it should not cause fear or intimidation. I also want to point that it should not cause ‘pity’ either. Pity suggests you have ego and consider yourself better-off. Compassion is the result of light. Compassion heals and liberates those who are walking in their sleep. Do you meditate dear Faatima?


  2. Such a well written piece Faatima, “…only to compensate for a void, a lack..so lead a life of shadows…fueled only by pain and hate…till eventually we dissipate…” So poetic !

    Reminded me of a quote by Thomas Jefferson, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.”

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