What’s the price?


What’s the price?

…for wanting to live nice?

To be be free from all the lies…

…for once stop drowning out their cries…

Before at long last they exchange their goodbyes.

Tell me what’s the price?

Is there an offer on today?

Discounted…black, white and grey.

If I may?

What do you say?

I have a proposition…

…it’s really quite efficient.

Let’s keep it real…

…allow me to propose a deal.

So we can eat another meal.

What do you say?

Child’s play.

Now there is a choice…

…to block out the white noise.

More than I can stand.

Need a helping hand?

Think I’ll stay here…

…just for the time being.

It’s really quite okay.

By the way.

I know just what I’d like to do.

Now it’s your turn to choose.

Let yourself, for once it’s completely up to you.




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