Feel better,


See I could pretend…

..let myself bend.

Do it for a friend?

Staring me in the face.

Like a disgrace?

It’s just lately I am bored…

Wrong word.

This won’t cut it no more…

I just want the truth…

Painful as it may be denial is like a noose..

Wanted to be free, cut loose.

A new paradigm..

Reached in the cold, picking apart minds…

Reached in the dead of night.

Not when I was all made up.


Oh on this journey…

I wish you the very best of luck.

Sometimes it’ll suck.

Rose wine, tequila, vodka..day’s over.

Four leaf clover.

A little pretty pink sign.

…from father time.

A full-circle, action, reaction based universe…


Technical terms.

Governed by the internal condition.

Must go beyond thought form.

…can never be described…

…only understood by like minds…


Spirits…same soul.


Summer’s imprint…reminder of your power.

Winter is calling…

Soon snow will be falling.

The long lost…

Ice old frost…

Invites me into another realisation…

Not through dialogue or conversation.

I’d much rather embrace the ache.

Be present, in this whole state.

See like a guiding force

These feelings led me straight to the cause.

Once I saw…

…a hold it had over me, no more.

I took it quite literally…

When they put feel better…

…at the end of the letter.

Love and light,




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