Money doesn’t grow on trees…


So much to do these days,

Feels like some sort of race…

No, this time I decide to slow my pace…

Needed some relief…but they say that money doesn’t grow on trees,

All the branches swaying gently in the breeze,

…and the banks continue doing their jobs with ease.

Their greed…

A society that bleeds…

Problems that breed,

Got mouths to feed…

Planting that first seed…

Change was never easy,

Always busy.

At what cost?

…and now we’re lost.

The back story…

that we all hold…

It’s all just a state of mind…

…thoughts and feelings entwine,

to create your reality.

If you want to be a part of this crazy society..

Got to gain awareness, and just for a moment slow down and breathe…




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