Pain of this moment…


I want to write…

…but my hand is frozen in time.

The pain of right now,

Screams so loud.

…but not loud enough,

for you to feed off of.

Still, good luck…

…couldn’t give a fuck.

Five pence,


The only time there is nothing to write,

…is when you are doing nothing with your life.

Sending me well wishes,

If you insist…

…but I resist,

another checkmark ticked off the list.

Lines are blurred,

Need a quick word?

Not today…

…it’s too gray,

really don’t have much to say.

So get out my way.

Another time when I feel less aligned…

…or should I say more in tune with my mind…

…telling the story, in all it’s glory…

Painted here, there and no where.

We have one thing left

…and it’s really not such a difficult concept.

Theoretically, but not practically.

I guess we’re just blind,

from these fixations, the daily grind.

Didn’t have to search in order to find,

does that mean it’s mine?

A feeling so golden…

…the pain of this moment






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