The dropping away.


Of everything from a place of fear…

Aside from the image I admire,

Reflecting what I love…

…and leaving in peace what I don’t want.

When a sentiment pops up in the space we call mind,

One of hurt, shame and a self undermined…

remember it’s presence…

…is a reflection of their essence.

Mine is clear.

Now and here.

A story dropped,

Let go of and stopped.

Blend into this world,

Healing work,

Unaffected for long, undisturbed.

When one grief serves it’s purpose,

I am open once again and another does it’s service.

Directing me to my calling,

Trusting, this gentle warning.

In touch with my truth,

knowing the weight of it’s place on earth.

Nothing matters more.

Than knowing what you’re here for.




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