That’s all I did


It was really nothing,

A small little something

Didn’t take much time

To write a little rhyme

Pay a dime

Commit this crime,

Pretend to be fine

When life comes around

They make no sound

What has been found

Can shatter the ground

Yet still we go round and round

Offer it presence and nothing more…

Priceless, limitless, off the walls.

No time to stall,

On the heels of a reform

We totally transform.

The exact opposite of what it is to conform.

So tell me now what it is you have earnt…

something you may have learnt.

Or keep it to yourself.

You’ll just know when you decide to be fully present..

..and for once be with the contrasting essence

of all things pleasant…

…and even what many may call a depressant.

Somethings are unexplicable

Overthinking this may be irresistable

Tempting as it is

Is it worth it?

Weigh out the price..

…and you’ll soon realise

That maybe it’s not so nice.

The answer is easy,


Don’t try play fair..

Or even care,

All I’m asking, is to simply be there.








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