Falling through the lie

No need to explain why,

You sigh

…turn a blind eye

Out of mind, out of sight

Like on a cloudy night

The moon,

It’s too soon,

Running from the truth

hidden from view

Means of escape,

These ideas won’t take shape.

Not yet

I digress,

Wasted breath,

No less,

No stress.

Today I take rest.

Find answers

Masquerading as mere banter,

Mind over matter,

Won’t work

It’s really very absurd.

So I today,

Will stay,

Not stray

From this little way,

I have somehow paved.

…and at any cost,

Well almost any I can admit I’m a bit..or very lost,

The answer is vague,

These days,

Nonetheless I am going with it, round and round this maze.

Another cycle, another phase.

There really isn’t a need to explain.



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