People like the truth


People like the truth

Okay fine there’s no excuse

Okay fine you choose

Okay fine, I lose.

Just a small bruise

You’ll get over it.

Don’t quit.

In time.

Things eventually fall in line.

Don’t buy into these illusions,


No reasons.

Can’t be explained away.

Not in words any way…

and guess what? That’s really okay.

The proof is that it did happen

and just like that so rapid.


Bad habits.

Judgement ceases to exist.

Contradictions create a mist.

That ultimately we must sit with.

See through.

Nothing to do.

…and that’s okay because even if it’s obscured from view.

Not pretty…uncool

In the shadows not yet admitted to.

Except by a rare few,

Beyond our facades, I propose something new,

The reality is that people like the truth.





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