With the silent stillness of an overcast Sunday wrapped around us, the lamps are turned on at home,

small chatter warms up hearts and sets the tone.

We commune and make a wintry, chilly day warm.

In a small and quiet town like this, we reminisce and mourn..

for sunnier, livelier days filled with crowds and all matter of sounds.

Distractions abound, hangovers, arguments, chores…mundane tasks all around.

Writing lists, dreaming in bed,

…for the future or simply the week ahead,

It’s Monday tomorrow,

and we feel the sorrow.

But for now let’s simply enjoy the moment,

Before it leaves us, before it is stolen.

a small space in time where everything is alright

Music-making, art-creating…beautifully thoughtful.

Or dish-prepping, TV -watching, beautifully normal.

Happy Sunday all.




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