Got to get in to the right mode.

In order to fulfill the next work-load.

Overwhelmed and about to explode.

Not sure why you are even on this particular road.


not really having a care…

running from what was always there

scoffing at the truth, suppressing because it is too much to bare.

what is the cost?

of being lost?

Abandoning health,

on every level of this hell.

knowledge of self,

is the only true wealth.

Not the daily get dressed,

refusing to for just a second disconnect..

refusing to take rest,

no longer concerned with truly being your best.

Busy days…

create a haze,

a glorified waste.

either energy spent getting further in to the maze.

oh the lies we say,

in order to keep things in place,

Stuck and mundane.

Today I fell through this state,

and discovered something innate.

drew subtle lines between these dots,

untied some of these little knots,

that were only really created to make you feel lost.










2 thoughts on “Off-course”

    1. Slightly, It’s nice to have motivation and a direction I guess we’re all just trying to do something we love with our life but sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight.
      Thank you I appreciate you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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