Made for this

It is what it is,

I was made for this,

not about if’s and but’s…

just something I feel in my gut.

Like an alchemist,

tumbling through the oncoming tempest.

a sense of direction,

purpose, an inclination.

towards something that seems better,

not too out of reach, trend-setter.

Away from the shit-storm, gloomy weather.

Spring is around the corner,

A better future, summer.

Little bit of hope,

A little way to cope.

Today I received some news through the post,

Had to tell them I now live by the coast.

Far away on the edge of the shore,

Some bits an eyesore.

Other bits simply allure.

What for?

Something more.

Its all we want,

but somethings we just need to confront.

Be with and integrate,

A wholeness, knowingness, sit still, so it can dissipate.

And once again our paths are cleared,

from all we have feared.

Like I said, it is what it is.

Told you that I was made for this.





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