The day I noticed that layers were shedding,

falling away it was happening,

It was all so fitting,

the time, place and setting…

I started to write and just kept on writing,

after having lived and learned,

spent and earned,

bridges, burned.

These wolves like to haunt, taunt,

if they will,

let them and remember to stay still,

running away to hide

wont work they’ll chase till the end of your life

so tame the beast inside

to see the truth,

the truth is they lied,

your dreams were bigger than this,

it’s simply a hit or miss,

catch them while you can,

do away with the plan.

I told you it was a scam.

Nothing to do with what I am

None of these things I began.

The traffic turned on its head,

an unexpected diversion, we were indeed misled.






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