Tides turn

Let go of all that stuff,

had more than enough, love.

Not about to waste any more precious time,

I’m leaving it all behind,

in order to get a peace of mind,

Hindsight, in the light

now aware, end of the nightmare,

A shift in focus,

…making progress,

I aim not to please,

but instead to release,

all the fallacies,

bridge the gap between the now and history,

so it is no longer such a mystery.

Do not have to wonder.

Dwell on a blunder.

Come rain, sunshine or thunder.

Introspection is only half of the equation,

we were mistaken.

When we were forsaken.

The price of ambition,

is a clear intuition,

born from experiential wisdom.

Now I can spell it out,

the realisations are loud,

louder than the sound,

of those who doubt.







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