Don’t make waves!

Ripples are enough, love.

I’m telling you nicely, gently, wisely,


a fake kind of kindness, advice they don’t mind, agreeable you’ll find…

oh please don’t make waves,

it’s really not safe…

common place, nut-case.

One of the things that  came up was rage,

I can now say from a space of solace,

…that it was something I embraced,

fully without an affirmation to replace, run away or escape alarm bells that have something to say,

my stance is defined by this often times confusing double-bind of the mind, but not succumbing to the ease of staying blind.

There is a space to confront, console make whole parts of our soul,

fractured and lost, in the coldness of the frost,

of the dualistic separation, we experience with undying patience,

towards a kind of refinement that cannot be achieved through confinement.

So at the risk of attracting conflict,

a constant, must be met with an acceptance,

of it’s place in time and space yet still walking away towards a better way, so that chips can fall where they may, and we can indulge in a play of the senses,

so let them say, please don’t make waves, and go ahead anyway.




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