and nothing was the same

…and nothing was the same, brought light to all the shame at the idea of not appearing so tame.

A chameleon changing form, so as not to create a storm.

…but why would that be so bad? Would it not make you glad to know that you were sad for a reason, the anger gave you freedom,

to release the pent up demons and walk on into a new season.

Life is full of transformations and you really don’t need to have an explanation…

…for everything always, as nothing truly stays, anyway.

Nothing long lasting, even the flabberghasting, did some intermittent fasting, from the overwhelm of this realm

…of pretence, now shattered, so that the only thing standing is what really matters, pitter patter, the rain washed away the chatter,

of the troubled minds of those that live lives, blind sided by the world, unnerved,

resistance, persistence, a trap, fell right into it’s lap…

of what hurt and what is just absurd.

The end all be all is to let the wall fall and just watch us experience a complete over haul.



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