Confines of the collective mind

Every idea needs a plan,

but first an energy so that you can,

see through the illusion, excuses,

grey structural limitations, hindered by puppets and muses.

We refuse to watch our fuses burn out while they are busy on their cruises.

start manifesting and  investing, harvesting and cultivating…

not a future but a shift of the mind, we create the external beginning with what’s inside.

Breaking out the hive like collective mind requires nothing short of 20 20 vision, hindsight…

so very bright that some become blind and never actually see the lights.

guiding you out of the misty night, even when it’s grip seems tight.

Follow these clues, there is not a thing that you will truly lose,

cannot fall back asleep once you take the first leap, you realise the hill was never as steep as you had once thought before truth came knocking on the door.

Had one more thing left to say, today.

Before blood pressure dropped, heart stopped…

She inspired me to pick up a pen and write,

and not to take flight, from the oncoming light…oncoming insight

disguised as a struggle, war or fight.

In order to explore even more and get to the core,

My compass always points north, and so with this in mind I shall go forth.

Relentless, with vibrant force going straight back to the source,

Every idea needs a plan,

otherwise why even say you can?




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