Pick up the pen and re-write

Something I realise, as someone who likes to write,

about life and it’s strife,

is that try as we might, to disprove and ignite, the flames of worry in our mind,

we end up perpetuating further undesirable cycles without respite,

So take time to re-write the story of your life,

Deconstructing and rewinding,

stepping back and finding,

that even though not everyone is on board,

and tempting as it may be to lose sight of this cause,

once this far gone we simply cannot pause,

its worth the small strugges,

little troubles,

they say love not fear,

but you cant quite understand so you don’t even hear

in the grand scheme of things,

what I mean is,

in the face of our bliss,

the fear comes in the form of excuses and doubt.

sometimes slow down,

we must go in to get out,

to reach new grounds,

let them not silence the sounds,

of discernment and awareness,

in the sea of stillness, heard ripples of new shores,

and so the small trip ups and flaws,

now make so much sense and therefore,

they matter no more…




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