Ignorance isnt always bliss,



To what end is this going?

Where’s our attention flowing?

In a world where the views of a few are held up as true,

Meticulously planned,  to create more fans,

Programmed by these programs

Channels of thought,

baggage we have bought,

and yet still cry out for more.

All sorts, the same cause..

but who for?

recognise the vice,

and devise a way in the opposite direction of the lies.

Slightly different taste, same proponents at the end of the day.

let this here not go to waste, let’s not be in a haste,

take stock and don’t simply flock,

first they mock and soon they shall block,

all ways out, if we allow it to happen now.

Yeah actually ignorance is bliss,

but only for a bit.





3 thoughts on “Ignorance isnt always bliss,”

  1. Our world is full of big questions and a lot of narrow, fan-based thinking right now — seems to me anyway. To see it all clearly and to be blissful — that’s a challenge I hope to be able to meet in some lifetime.

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