The truth unravels


The truth unravels as years go by and enough events happen,

new subject matters, become the subject of our mind chatter.

It is a process, some end up in a bit of a mess, when your focus is on the stress, rather than the fact that it may just be for the best.

Didn’t claim angelic status, just passed through different phases, discovered new faces, went to different places..

picked up new ways, errors taught me to drop off things that have no basis, in this map of familiar faces different masks lesson learnt, goodness gracious.

it’s nice not to compromise, wise to let the dice roll out and expose the lies, fed to us as the only few options,  in that we find comfort, when things seem bleak and we stay meek we seek some kind of relief so we become weak.

Jumping through hoops, round and round the loop,

till we learn to go with the flow and stand in what little we know,

know that it’s okay, three dimensional life was meant to be this way, even if some of us choose to play,

beyond bounds and limits, the norm…and fear diminished.

I’m certain of what’s been shown to me all along, a glimmer of this I can put in a poem, hear in a song, assumptions can often be wrong.

I hear loud and clear a rhythm created over the years and can now start to observe what is being unearthed.




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