shadow work

when will this day conclude?

when can I finally relax and diffuse,

this state of being baffled, confused,

relax into what to me is no longer new,

some days are a struggle, in a frenzied bubble,

still through this,

shadows today have come to the surface,

so I embraced them and found out their purpose,

is this pattern of worry really of service?

picked it up some where way, way back

but when push comes to shove it’s really not such a lack,

to become aligned with what you really want to do,

and the process isn’t always easy but remember your truth

oh if only I knew,

that it’s okay to just be,

become free of this unease and one with the unseen,

rests beyond the shadows, set up to obscure our dreams

instead of escaping into distractions left, right and centre,

co-creating something a little better,

apathy went,

took rest,

the power of intent,

within? I wanted without.

These challenges were imprinted in us,

these structures set-up,

still there is no must,

free-flowing, in our purpose we trust,






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