Opposites attract right?

Daylight proceeds the darkness of night, as the sun sets so must it rise.

Moments slow down, and we chose to hang around,

my reflection in my field of sight, chronology, reflected through father time…

the clock came around, time has told us how we are bound,

bliss and it’s exact opposite, locked into a double bind, always more to find.

Letting go isn’t falling asleep, when you are in this deep.

Words paint a picture, subtle, inspires a click but never enough to capture,

the essence, the lessons, the struggles, rapture

and yet the phoenix rises out better, on course with each letter,

uttered the truth, never lies and never quick to accuse,

black and white, left, right, day night,

as above so below, as within so without,

round and round,

a full circle time machine, till the time comes to move on, move out.






3 thoughts on “Opposites attract right?”

  1. In reading this post, I was reminded of the challenge to comprehend and relax into the simultaneous reality of mortality and immortality; outer experience and the bliss of being. Thanks for sharing your flowing insights!

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