Reclaim your true opinion,

this dominion,

what you have lost, in winter’s frost, the sum and cost,

let it not stop you, one truth, melted and born anew, on cue, she flew.

we will stay long, so dance to the beat of this song, nothing wrong

tune in to the ebb and flow, nothing is everlasting, the snow melted you and I both know,

drowned out by the sun, shines so bright, so take flight, high above, dedicated to one plight, no space to fight, stakes are no longer so high,

what to lose? any more news?

and so it shattered, these things served on a golden platter,

get fatter and fatter, till it no longer matters,

there is a road, carved not out of stone, but the will to drop the load,

find a new abode, once these aspects have been owned,

taken right back, and let that be that.








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