The cure

Read all the books in the world,

but at the end of the day the real cure seems a little absurd,

to all those who haven’t walked for you,

crossed the ocean blue for you,

what you know to be true,

surpassed the advice,

in favour of something nice,

here is a cosmic high five,

an invitation towards ever faster manifestation,

tapped into a new calling, an idea unfurling,

does not even have to take much time,

today turns into tomorrow, destroyed the sorrow,

dreamscape became not an escape but something we made,

truth is there isn’t a unanimous cure for everyone,

this only understood by some,

two sides to the self,

this only realised to the extent that we are open,

differences abound, all around,

In this knowing I will never mould,

a square into a circle, round,

myself into an idea they have found.





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