The other side of midnight


Found a happy place, space.

No more developments, halted full. stop.

Progress ceases to exist,

amnesia creeps in bit by bit,

that is what happens when you resist, the struggle in favour of what if’s.

never going to change,

because well, change is for the insane

my excuses are vicious, limitless

…limited stories set like stone, in the mind over time have now rendered me so very blind.

but that, I can never admit, let the ego die, take a risk, hit and miss.

why you got to be so drastic? fantastic?

It doesn’t really exist.

there is no time left between days, no time left to waste,

I’m not saying be in a haste, but never be afraid,

to bend,

to wade in the deep end,

face the moon, she’ll be here soon,

flip of a coin, day turns to night,

and we let ourselves forget,

that there is always daylight on the other side, of midnight.



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