Hurtling towards this fate

Was once told a story,

dusk, dawn these long hours dissolved all worry,

disintegrated into a frenzied flurry,

things we bury,

they may stab you in the back,

but its only because they lack,

and the fear overwhelms,

they feel as if they are in hell,

the solution,


not for me,

not everyone wants this you see.

Start to observe

the contrast, the birth,

of the new earth,

it makes sense,

how people are in a state of defence,

but resistance is futile,

all the while,

it unfolds,

before our eyes regardless, everything has it’s toll.

We are no longer digging ourselves a hole,

future seems on hold,

and many are sold,

tied up with the old,

they leave

we grieve,

the world carries on,

small matters become zero, none,

and we melt back into one.

Over it. Done.






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