These eyes

the darkest hours, the night,

it carries us for a time,

but these eyes ensure that we do not stay blind,

not for long,

we listen to the song,

our eyes they adapt,

we accept, what has left,

eyes that brought us clarity,

in the midst of such disparity,

Senses activated,

singular perspectives dissipated,

rendered me conscious,

these senses,

but only so much,

not a crutch,

to lean on forever,

nor something that would make us clever,

but a gift none the less,

we can see how even amidst this mess

its funny because in some way we truly are blessed.

A simple realisation,

those with the eyes to see have come to this after much trepidation,

deliberation, confusion,

and ultimately diffusion,

as we melt into our ended states of peace,

issues are all resolved, full-circle, karmic, allowing, at a different rate or pace but with ease,

though for a time we freeze,

but these,

things they do leave.

Without a shadow of a doubt,

trusting this, a questioning of the source, within and without.

we truly bleed out,

till the only option left is to feel

and the only thing left is the raw unfiltered real,






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