How to find purpose

Wanted to live a life of purpose,

not just doing things just coz’

this and that, bored, escapism, wishing for what they had.

Why not me?

stuck, apathy.

Allow yourself to blossom like a tree,

unchain from limiting beliefs, we become freed,

evidence to uphold old structures blow away with the breeze,

so I decided to do what ever it takes,

all the means I used to escape,

into comfort and familiarity, became obvious and so I could no longer wait,

waste time, and compensate, on the other side of these mistakes,

excuses now look fake,

To honestly create this feeling state,

we make,

small steps,

surprisingly simple, didn’t even have to obsess.

So we feel accomplished and open ourselves to progress,

evolving from the stress,

by being brutally truthful,

questioning and challenging thoughts, triggers and be willing to fall,

an awareness, harnessed, and prioritising joy,

above all the ploys,

to throw life into chaos, disarray,


let go of that which no longer serves,

no longer a match to the things that once got on my nerves.






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