Sit back and deny

The real, raw unfiltered truth,

individual to each person, each muse,

in this game we all play,

from day to day.

My very presence,

works to prove deep rooted fears, lessons,

the essence, of the present,

momentary, memories are fleeting,


got to train your brain,

so that amnesia will not remain,

when inspiration is born,

like a rose obscured by thorns,

reasons we cannot,

these thrills do not engage me no more,

end game? what for?

We need to get to the core.

In order to learn more,

let go of what no longer works,

our truth has been obscured,

like layers of an onion unpeel,

through life we get stripped down to what is real.

and what a skill, it is to trek the uphill, a journey that requires a purpose and will,

following that calling, not necessarily in the direction of bling but the thing that truly makes your heart sing,

whatever that may be,

that is your truth for now, for you to see,

but first ask why,

and remember reasons lie,

at the end of the day it’s down to you whether you reach high.

Or sit back and deny.




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