Didnt you hear?

Didn’t you hear?

Then again it was just someone’s idea,

a figment of your mind,

illusory, as we find ourselves navigating through life,

I cannot describe, exactly why,

pinpoint the moment when truths became lies,

but I can tell you one thing,

I am not aligned to any of this,

I am aware of this resistance,

so I refuse to supress the feelings in this instance,

these thoughts are fleeting,

not necessarily true, often self-defeating,

so I choose to let go trying to control,

and allow them to flow,

listen and ask to know,

this place a little better,

know myself down to each letter,

ride the tide,

the waves that crash on either side,

left and right,

consciousness it aint always very nice,

infact hardly ever but those are the moments that we prize,

once we tap into our intuition,

on the other side of all logic and reason

so it is no longer such a storm,

and we can expect that any time a new situation is born,

it is an opportunity for us to transform,

lead to gold,

something new from the old.

Faatima xx




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