Just another allegory

I knew what I was going in to,

took on the adventure and jumped in the ocean blue,

vast, open, expansive, free… an endless sea of opportunity,

or just a stage, for a play of sorts…theatrical, a cage,

to an extent, set up,

perfectly for us to develop,

these skills through incidences in the guise of challenges,


created through our mind when we are unaware of this mechanism,

but tapping in to our true essence beyond all reason is the wisdom,

that is not taught by these preachers, teachers,


Ask yourself why,

you chose this type of life,

often hidden from these eyes, there is a reason behind every decision you’ll soon find,

to live fully aware is to take a risk and without doubting the never-ending insight,

refuse to lie,

to yourself beyond approval and the need to be recognised

re-affirm the true source,

often obscured by limiting beliefs, ideas, patterning we look away…unsure,

don’t get this confused,

everyone has their own particular view, based on what they have been through

and so the stories came about, that we so often take for the truth,

which then leads to a life of not much use,

the new you,

is born,

beaten down and worn,

by opinionated mouths, with much influence in these circles of devil horns,

not a rose to be found amongst all these thorns

taken on the common consensus,

in a deep state of forgetfulness,

monotony, routine, the unseen,

it’s safer to live in denial,

because the loss of ego,

is a blow,

to our sense of self,

but once that falls then you can become relentless,

in your search to live out a life of true purpose.

…and even that is ever changing,

promises cannot be made with this way of relating,

to the world, so authentic,

cannot be handled by bulls stuck in the pasture, unenthusiastic

but in the long term it will all go south and so you chose this particular route, and made sure you were not bound,

by a story,

…just another an allegory,




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