Right and wrong,

Its easy to get caught up in, believe and thus receive,

people’s ideas in order to feel as if we have achieved,

an empty state of goodness,

rightness, nothingness,

flawed from the get-go,

as told, by the bold,

our guilty demeanours, judgemental and on the look out,

waiting for attack, defensive, guarded, did you hear a sound?

locked into hypocrisies,  can only try to appease,

whatever it is that we so please.

only authentic to the extent that we see,

be willing to be wrong,

both parties are accountable to this one,

way of looking at things,

but not everyone wants this,

the truth is that survival of the selfish,

is a very real,


in this plane not fair but eventually the blurred lines form a square,

like attracts like, our virtues and vice,

complementary, uncomfortably so at times

on the other side of condemnation,

morals, self regulation,

there is a knowledge, expansion and evolution,

care-free, courageous and ultimately truthful,

only made space for when we take the plunge,

at the front,

of this warped, distortion, where rates reach extortion,

levels, to reach,

devils who leach,

the start of a new week,

looks a bit bleak,

expectations obscure the streak,

that we have been maintaining with a grip equally as weak,

not one to stumble through the bad weather, snow,

I just wanted to know,

got to be for the best

What else?

Someone to tell,

connection established, and so we excel.

what next?

cant say yet, but I can certainly sense,

the changing direction of the gale force storm,

in the opposite direction of home,

whatever that is, a universe of our own,

or merely a small aspect of our soul,

the stream of awareness guiding us through it all





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