If truth is beauty,

and our experience is from a solipsistic perspective, individuality,


then we can know for certain that being completely aligned,

is what we must walk towards, without resistance to it’s opposite and you’ll find,

that contrast is at the root of life,

in order to create something, cobwebs must first clear so that you are not blindsided,

a new respect brought about when flames ignite,

a reverence for this state of mind,

acquired over time,

individualism, a role,

a crucial part of the whole,

for a moment she afforded me this unexplainable sensation,

call it a realisation,

as truth sank in,momentary clarity,

lightness, a dropping of vanity,

in a flash the shadows deconstruct, and we resume sanity,

and in that knowing I was elevated, without the need for any more waiting,

lower motions dissolved, perceived problems had been solved,

because I knew how and why, workings of the world inside, reflected by this mirror hologram all around, outside, and so I find that somethings really cannot be defined,

simply, and thus we can agree,

that all we have left is to express this unique, individuality,

to discern, come through and be a vessel, discover through the burn, of unwanted experiences, we only attract in order to learn,

feelings they teach, if you question the meaning of pain,

without playing along it’s familiar game,

not attaching to the hazy reasons,

rather adapting to the seasons,

they disappear into the empty abyss of forgetfulness,

essentially meaningless details,

a quest to achieve,

an intuitive, awakened state where we are open to receive,

where we are open to just be,

beyond the receptiveness, or lack there of, praise and well-meaning advice, offered as a tool, a kind of device,

there is a conscious presence that runs the show and has always known, the purpose behind this all from the very get-go.

So for now live the pain if you must, dance in the rain and put all your trust,

into your true self, tap in, address, the passing tide, flashing right before your eyes,





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