In the real, real world

Subconscious barriers,

slumber-ridden eyes, we give up on the carrier,

of this affliction,

turning to familiar poisons and addictions,

different ailment, temporary relief, the cycles resume

sucked into this time, space vacuum,

and we still cannot wake up from our continuum,

round and round the loop,

no time to re-group,

away in the airy, fairy world of metaphors,

because doing nothing of worth is a bore,

at our senses it tore,

till we realise we wanted so much more,

the coldest days of the season,

winter offered us many a reason,

when we were freezing,

with flus, coughing and sneezing,

in the depth of the heatwave,

summer-time burns, screamed for a break,

entrapment had us craving an escape.

The world had me find,

people and their perceptions torn open these eyes,

how could I  possibly describe?

all this, no words for what is not truly mine,

Down to the bone,

solipsistic and alone,

individualism, seeking reassurance from every single one,

cannot be found like that,

reminder to try a new path,

why not today?

How long can it really take?

What will you make?

with these resources,

stepping outside, where the beasts reside,

comfort-zones we override,

opportune moment to walk this fine line, the cards are all stacked in your favour this time,

as I’m sure you’ll find if you take this as a small sign,

these artistic expressions of inspiration,

swaying the winds of change in the direction of the end goal,

when we part ways, with conflicting main-stays and find ourselves on a role.

Fresh and new perspective, momentarily whole.






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